Sale Gang Show

The Gang Show is like a variety show, and open to all ages.

The Sale Gang Show cast and crew are open to all members of Sale & District Scouts and Sale Division Guides

The Gang Show Story

The original Gang Show was founded by the late Ralph Reader,  and the show has become a great tradition in Scouting. Our first show in Sale District, founded by the late Peter McEhlinney and Russ Knighton, took place in January 1964 at the Sale Civic Theatre before moving to it’s current home at Altrincham Garrick Theatre. Girls became part of the show in 1968, and today’s show is now a joint show with Sale Division Guides

Much of the success of the Sale shows is due to Peter McElhinney’s sketches and songs which he wrote specifically for us, many of which are still used today. We also have many up to date musical numbers and sketches, as well as material written by Sir Ralph Reader himself. Peter attended the 50th show in 2013 but sadly died later that year.

2019 marked our last show at Altrincham Garrick Theatre, and in February 2020 we returned to Sale, at the Waterside Theatre. It was a fantastic show, a credit to all of the hard wprk by the cast, crew and comittee to move us to a new theatre

Gang Show 2021 will be very different as, due to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, we will not be putting on a theatre based show. We will be putting together a Gang Show based event which everyone can contribute to or take part in, within their units, more details to follow soon.

2020 marks the 90th anniversary of the first Gang Show, and will be a special show fur us, back in the theatre, and there will also be a national celebration which we hope to take part in.

Our Supporters

Off stage there is and always has been an army of crew, helpers and supporters who allow the shows to take place each year. Without their help the show would not be able to go on