Sale Scout & Guide Band

The Band is open to all ages and musical abilities.

Band membership is open to member of Sale & District Scouts and Sale Division Guides

The Band Re-formed

The Sale Scout & Guide Band was re-formed in April 2014 with 9 members rehearsing at 3rd Ashton Scout Group, after a long hiatus.

Grants from HQ and Trafford Council provided drums, brass and woodwind instruments, and a grant from Sale District covered the initial uniform costs.

Since the first public performance at a charity dog show in June 2014, the band has gone from strength to strength, with over 25 members, and a good repertoire.

The first HQ assessment in November 2014 produced a ‘D’ grade, which the assessor commented as an excellent result for a band which had barely 6 months experience.


We are in demand, with bookings all through the year, including St George’s day parade, open days, fundraising, Christmas markets and Carols Round the Camp Fire. We also played at the Sale District AGM and have been a part of the several Gang Shows. The Gang Show appearances were well received by both musicians and audience.